Scoutbook account merge assistance


My children recently transfered councils due to a military move. My daughter was able to keep her old scout #, however, my son had a new account created. The new account does not show all advancements as completed or started. Assistance is required to merge old account # and information into new account #. Thanks.

Old # & Council: 134333858 / Norwela
New #& Council: 14179022 / Crossroads of The West

@WilliamYoung3 we will look at this

@WilliamYoung3 this is fixed for you


I have a parent that stepped up to the committee chair role recently. He now has two accounts in scoutbook as his first name has a hyphen. Can you merge his two accounts so hyphen first name remains, please? Thank you!

Adult J-P B.
Central Georgia Council #96
Old BSA # 135976783 ID 8866427 (no hyphen)
New BSA# 12845964 ID 12332215

@GENAEMEERSTEIN we will look at this

@GENAEMEERSTEIN this is fixed

Thank you for the assistance!

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