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Scoutbook Account Merger

Last year when my family moved to RI from CA, the new Scout Troop created another account for my son instead of pulling in his existing account. Now, we’ve moved again and are part of the Far East Council and I need to have the two accounts merged to ensure the activity records, leadership time, and awards are properly reflected and something doesn’t get lost. Can anyone assist me with merging the two accounts?

Thank you –

If you post BSA # we can look - it is best to print history reports - as log merger is not that great

@JoshuaAnderson5 - as a point of information each council has its own set of BSA ID numbers and they do not follow to the next council.

Thank you, sorry for the delay in responding. I really appreciate any help with my son’s accounts.

The member ID for the account created in RI is 137103279.
His previous and current member ID is 137381879.

Most information has added back to his 137381879 account, but I would like to ensure the accounts are merged completely if that is possible because his activity log information has not transferred over, nor has his Religion Knot.

Because of having two accounts, too, it’s preventing him from logging in and updating his own information. His log-in information appear to be associated with the other account.

I appreciate any assistance that you can provide. Thank you – Josh Anderson

@JoshuaAnderson5 I’m working on this, but it looks like the RI council misspelled your son’s first name. You might be able to contact them and ask them to correct it.

Thank you, what I see in Scoutbook is currently spelled correctly (Brennan), but you’re correct, it was spelled incorrectly for sometime. I asked them to change it last year and it took months. Right before we left this summer, they corrected the name and pulled his records into that account, but left the original. When we arrived in Okinawa, they linked to his original account. Now, I just need to ensure they’re all merged, so that I know that there aren’t any record gaps, i.e., awards, leadership, and activity logs. Really appreciate your help.

@JoshuaAnderson5 I sent you a private message so that I could confirm some other BSA member numbers that I found for your son. If you could please reply to the private message, then I should be able to merge his Scoutbook accounts.

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