Scoutbook admin unable to access all dens parent info

I am the treasurer of our pack and therefore need to be a pack admin in scoutbook so I can access all scouts information and parents contact information. All of my positions are listed in scoutbook correctly ( I am a pack admin, den leader commitee member etc) However I am unable to click on a scout’s parent’s name and see thier contact info. I need their emails addresses so I can send them invoices for recharter. When I look at my name in scoutbook it has a exclamation point inside a yellow triange next to mu name. When I hiver over it it says I do not have positons listed in I read in the help that I needed the CRO to add the positions to my name in I notified our commitee chair who is our CRO that I am having this issue and he is unable to find my name listed as a leader in to add positions to my name. How can I get this fixed?

Pretty simple. :slight_smile: Need to fill out an application (and do YPT and sign a background check) and register as a volunteer. If you aren’t listed in the my.scouting roster, you aren’t registered. Sometimes a fluke allows you to be listed in Scoutbook. Once that is done, the COR can make sure you are listed properly and refresh your role in Scoutbook.

@JessicaEast I recommend that you contact your local council.

I have been a member and registered for 7 years and never had this problem before. I should not have to fill out an application.

If you aren’t on the roster for the unit in my.scouting, then you aren’t registered. To register, you have to fill out an application, sign the background check auth, and take YPT.

@JessicaEast I think it would be best if you contact your local council.


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