Scoutbook Admin

There was only one person set as admin for my troop. Before we added another one there was an end date set for the only one set up. How do we get an admin enabled now that no one on the account can edit roles or add new adults?

Are your SM, CC and COR on Scoutbook? I thought that they defaulted to Scoutbook Unit Admins.

I am SM and was the only one set as admin for our new troop. I was making some changes and inadvertently set the stop date. I would think it would not allow if there is only one admin but it did and now no one can make updates.

@KyleMartin2 - as noted the Committee chair and COR are also admins by default.

thanks, I’ll contact the COR

What I see is you have 2 Troop Admin roles for Troop 699B with one not approved. I have ended the Troop Admin that was not approved. Please check again to see if Scoutbook is behaving as expected.

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