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Scoutbook Advancement record suddenly missing

A Scout in my unit is missing 10 of her earned merit badges and a few of her earlier ranks on her Scoutbook Record all of the sudden. I am trying to figure out how to get them back. I don’t want to click them off as earned again, in fear that it will change the record that national has for this scout. Has this happened to anyone else? How have you resolved this?

Thank you.

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@RichardSmith6 what is the BSA # of the scout?

The BSA Number for this Scout is 136223176. I’d be interested in whatever answers you might be able to find. Thanks!

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not sure - I setup a sync to see if it fixes it this afternoon

Will you know if it works on your end or will you need me to check and let you know?

we both should know around 4pm CST

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well it might have missed that sync - I set it up for another and we will see in the morning

I do have a screenshot of all the MBs in case

Thanks for your help with this. It’s the darndest thing. Any idea why it did this?

@RichardSmith6 not sure what happened but it is being looked at for a few reasons

Well… nothing yet. I got a copy of her advancement record from the Scout office as it was all correct. Thought it would be a good “just in case” measure. I’ll wait to hear from you as to what to do next.

Just starting rebuilding it I think - I have tried to sync it 3 times - it might be broken - Only the final date matters and that is on the image I provided above or what you got from council

I’ve corrected all of the errors and added in her Summer Camp badges. Would you please check and make sure it was done correctly? Thanks!

seems fine to me - lol was fine before

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