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Scoutbook and IA questions

As a new leader, having received zero training on Scoutbook or internet advancements from my council, I am so confused. Apparently I did what I wasn’t supposed to do which was remove inactive scouts from my scoutbook roster. But those scouts are still visible in the internet advancement section. How can I rectify this?

@KelliOwen - the scouts listed in IA until removed at recharter as far as I am aware.


that’s what i was told too.

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If they are inactive, then you can just leave them off your roster.

We have a lot of help documents and videos at the following link:


As a Council employee, I’d just like to insert that Councils have VERY limited access to Scoutbook (we can upload Merit Badge Counselor lists) there is no way for us to provide a training.
There are great resources, such as this forum but we can’t provide a training for something we can’t access.
I read the forums and google, to try to help Volunteers that call or come into my office.

Few things - if you are using Scoutbook you don’t need IA for anything.

On the Scouts > usually they do sit on the list till recharter - happens every year in every unit

Probably because your council has no idea what to do with scoutbook. I run into that in mine. I picked it up pretty quick - but i am still learning new features. Most people in my council still don’t use it.

but by golly … they taught everyone how to use the “worksheets” in den leader training… the sheets kids are supposed to fill out for adventures… that my kids call “homework” … lol

I refuse to use those pieces of paper. Scoutbook replaced them and it’s awesome.

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