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Scoutbook and Merit Badge Counselors

I am a Merit Badge Counselor for my troop. I noticed several other Merit Badge Counselors in the council have scout who they are working with associated to their records in Scoutbook. How do you make this association?

Either the unit leader can associate you with the scout - you do have to have the MBC position in SB.

Or you can go to My Account > My Connections > click ADD and do it yourself


You should not be making this connection yourself, unless the Scout has had a discussion with the Unit Leader, and the Unit Leader has recommended you as the MBC for the Scout. The process is designed for the Unit Leader to be in the middle…but not an “approval” authority.

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Like ScouterRob said, the connection should be initiated by the scout’s Scoutmaster in Scoutbook. I believe the advancement chair and anyone they’ve set up as a Troop Admin can also make the connection, but it “should” be the Scoutmaster doing it. I’m a Troop Admin for my troop, and I’ve done a few of them, usually with the Scoutmaster sitting nearby to okay it.

Merit Badge Counselors are able to make connections to Scouts they council so that they can mark requirements complete in Scoutbook for units that may not use Scoutbook but instead use Internet Advancement to report to the BSA. When an MBC marks a MB complete in Scoutbook, it will appear as needing approval in both Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. This facilitates working with Scouts remotely, especially during this time of stay at home orders.

The MBC should be asking the Scout(s) if they have had a discussion with the Scoutmaster prior to working with them.

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