Scoutbook Calendar Automations

I’m trying to prevent double/triple entry.

Has anyone used successfully IFTTT or similar to take the SB iCal feed and post notices into a Facebook Group?

We have the iCal fed into a Google Calendar and I can get IFTTT to post that to Twitter, and it can post to Facebook Pages, but our unit uses a Facebook Group and I’m not seeing that type.

Need a way to get it from either iCal, Google Calendar, or I guess even Twitter, posted into a Facebook Group. If I read it from Twitter, it may occasionally run into the character limit, so that’s not ideal.

I’d also like to feed SB events directly into our GroupMe calendar, but the best I’ve found so far is for it to make a post (Google Calendar > GroupMe post in IFTTT).

Any other tools or ideas that I’m missing?