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Scoutbook Calendar Event list

Is there a way to import our Troops calendar into Scoutbook? Or do we have to add every event one at a time? Our Scouts have planned out the entire 2020 year, would like to add events to the Scoutbook Calendar.

You can upload calendar entries (CSV) via the Feature Extension for Scoutbook. The extension is for Chrome or Firefox desktop, and Firefox mobile.

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@RickBerg is right – using the Feature Assistant Extension is the easiest way to do it.

A word of advice on this: You’ll have to put the events from your calendar in a .csv file to get them to import into the Scoutbook calendar. The format is pretty straight forward, but I would recommend that after you install the extension, export one event from your calendar to create a template to use for importing. It will really help the process out.

Of course, if you’re using the Feature Assistant Extension, it also supports recurring events as well, so you wouldn’t have to manually create 52 weekly Troop meetings…

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