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Scoutbook calendar

The calendar is not updating changes made in event names, dates, times or content.

Hi, Tammy,

When you say “the calendar”, are you talking about the calendar as it’s visible on Scoutbook, or the calendar as viewed through another calendar program (e.g. Google calendar)?

There is a known issue with Google Calendar in which it doesn’t auto-update on a frequent basis. I’ve heard something about a 24-hour cycle time, but I’ve had some updates hit almost immediately and others be invisible for hours.

ETA: I tried changing a calendar event and saw the changes immediately reflected on Scoutbook, but did not update on Google calendar despite “refreshing”, which is consistent with my previous experience.

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Why doesn’t the calendar on the front page of the Troop page show all the items in the calendar? Ours seems to show campouts and Court of Honor only.

The calendar list on the troop page will show only the closest events generally three. Click on the red text on the top of that box to get a broader view.

Summer Camp and Philmont are listed in the calendar and both are closer than the August campout that is being shown.

We you our you Scout invited to Summer Camp and Philmont?

Who are the calendar Invitees for those events?

No one was invited to any event, they are just listed with no invitees

Scoutbook usually only displays events when the user (or user’s Scout) is an Invitee to that event.