Scoutbook Coreapi error: Trouble transferring from pack to troop

Having trouble transferring youth from our pack to our troop, multiple leaders from both units having trouble, our council hasn’t been able to solve the problem.

Attempted multiple methods to transfer, each resulting in an error. Troop is brand new “coming soon”, these two arrow of light scouts would fill our roster to activate our unit, is that part of the problem?

Yes, the troop doesn’t exist yet, so there’s no existing unit for the Webelos Scouts to transfer to.

@MichaelKendra - and this is a issue rather than scoutbook.

This is a silly question but did you check the roster to assure they already didn’t get transferred in?

The new coming soon roster accepts applications. Ask your registrar to check whether their is already an app in there for these two youths

@RonFedele Does it accept transfers when the unit does not already have the minimum number of Scouts?

I have 3 other older youth already enrolled and showing in scoutbook and in roster, checking roster in scoutbook and internet advancement in new unit only shows the three older boys, the council attempted to force a sync and transfer but that didn’t do anything and that was about 36 hours ago, assuming that didn’t work out, some kind of bug with “coming soon” units.

It did before they activated the “coming soon” feature we think. We transferred in our older sons.

@MichaelKendra - what is showing for the unit roster in

Yeah, that’s a problem I can see, the new unit isn’t in my list, I think that’s what council was trying to sync and fix. The two Webelos are still listed in the pack

Not in my list in to be clear

@JenniferOlinger - we should move this to MYST as it is not a scoutbook issue.

@Stephen_Hornak I have moved the thread to the My Scouting Tools topic.

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it is supposed to. It gathers applications until the registrar makes it live and then control goes to key 3.

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If we submitted a paper transfer, would that work better? Our council “says” it’s stopped accepting paper applications but I can try to push them through anyway……

I assume there is something up with your work process. Does your SM or CC approve the application in my.scouting? That is, how far in the app process did “things not work”?

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