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I submitted a request to Scoutbook customer service a week ago and have not heard back. How long does it usually take customer service to respond?

It depends on the issue. Some things are addressed within a day. Others can take longer. There was a bigger than usual backlog of support requests due to unexpected absences.

What is the nature of your request?

We have two parents in our Pack who used their work email address when initially setting up their account. They no longer want to receive messages from Scoutbook at their work addresses. How can I remove them?

The adults can change their own email address. Unit admin cannot once the adult logs in.

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They just need to log in and navigate to my dashboard > administration > my account > email.

Ok, thank you. I will let them know. Another parent has 2 accounts - a mistake by a former CM. Can we get one of those accounts deleted??

I believe you can delete it if they’ve never logged in. Click their name > edit profile > delete account (at the very bottom).

He already logged onto the accout…

In that case, you’ll need to email support to have them merged… or have one deleted.

I did email support, but I haven’t heard back yet. Thank you

I filed and asked for customer support over 6 months ago. They totally blew me off and never answered my questions or took care of my needs in Scout Book. I am not impressed with Scout Book Customer Support. They are pretty worthless.

@RexMoore It is rare that a request is totally ignored. They sometimes get backed up. And certain requests have to be elevated to developers which can take a while to be prioritized. Did you receive an email response back with “ssd” in the subject? What is the number following that? We can ask someone to look it up.

I can not even forward my response that I received back from the computer server. Do you have a real address?


Hi, @RexMoore,

Just post the SSD number here, and members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Group Council (SUAC) like @jacobfetzer can ping the BSA staff.

ETA: You’d think by know I knew the word “Group” didn’t start with a “C”. I blame it on being an engineer… :wink:

I posted a similar query a few weeks ago. Apparently SB support is backed up. Today I got a response for a support request I sent in August.

What is an SSD number? Who issued it? Why is it so hard to converse with Customer Service?


Ssid is a tracking number. Each query has a unique number identifying it assigned automatically by Scoutbook support system.
It’s so hard to converse with customer service because (I hear) they have two people on staff and they were both out with personal family issues for an extended period of time.

I personally think SB support should be a higher priority than it is.


The SSD number is automatically assigned by JIRA when you send an e-mail to It comes in the subjects of one of the automated replies. This is the number used to track each issue.

Depending on the email client you use, you should be able to search for ssd in the subject of emails received.

I have been waiting for a reply as well