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Scoutbook Data Entry and Scouts Awards

Good afternoon,
I’m the new Scoutmaster and we have started using Scoutbook this August for the Troop. We have been logging data into Scoutbook for each Scout and their achievements/awards from the last Internet Advancement entry dated May 2019. Recent and new data has been logged and approved but a new question has come up.

For example, a Scout has been awarded the Hiking Merit badge and 50 miles hiked prior to May 2019 with internet advancement and Scoutbook is showing the Merit badge awarded to the scout. The hiking log in Scoutbook does not show the miles listed for the scout. Would the miles be listed as “Hiking Merit Badge, 50” or would each individual hike have to be listed separately?

Would data have to be entered such as dates of Tenderfoot requirements from 2014 if internet advancement has the rank completed and the scout is now the rank of Star?

In general, there is no need to go back and fill in any information retroactively. It may be helpful or desirable to do so, but you don’t have to.

In the case of rank advancement, the only date that needs to be filled in is the completion date of the entire rank. All of the individual requirements can be left blank, and marking a rank completed will not fill them in. The advantage of filling them in is that it makes it easier to see at a glance which scouts have completed a certain requirement when looking at reports - if only the rank date is entered, it will show the rank checked off in the report, but not the individual requirements, even though they must have been completed to finish the rank.

The hiking log can be used however you like, just like the hiking log in the back of the handbook. You can choose to either list out each hike that was done for the merit badge, or just list the total.

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