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Scoutbook Electives Bug?


After sending an email to Scoutbook support and receiving a response that the support is closing due to circumstances in 2020, I have decided to ask here.

As a youth in Sea Scouts, I am trying to record when I have completed certain electives - marking them on Scoutbook. Previously, I encountered the problem where I could not see the list of electives, which has been fixed for the Scout view. However, now when you click on another category of electives besides “America’s Boating Club (formerly United States Power Squadrons) (2020),” it sends me back to the dashboard without letting me do anything. I have repeated this process over and over again, concluding that it is a bug within the code or something similar. Can this be fixed so that I, along with other youth Scouts, can put in their electives with the corresponding dates? Thanks!

missed this in testing - it has been reported


Thank you! Your support and service is greatly appreciated.

@DonovanMcNeil Another thing: after the last maintenance on Scoutbook, it allows me to switch in between the Electives, but when I insert in a date and hit save, it gives me the following error - “We could not save this elective record. Please try again.” However, I have tried for the past 15 minutes, and nothing has saved.

jeez - noted and reported

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It is not only a problem while adding electives in the Electives Tab but also a problem when clicking “Add Elective” in the Advancement Tab too. When you go into your advancement records and try to add an elective, it brings you back to the dashboard.

@DonovanMcNeil Last thing: Is it possible to add a way to say when a service project ended within the Service Hours Activity Logs? I see that there is a “Project Starts” row but no “Project Ends” one similar to the Hiking Activity Logs. This would make it easier to put in a multiple day/weekend project such as Eagle Scout projects or volunteering on staff for a camp.

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