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Scoutbook Email Keeps Changing Back to changeyouremail@scouting.org

I already had a Scoutbook account as a parent for my children. But when I submitted an Adult Application and Merit Badge Counselor Application, a new Scoutbook account (ID 130168668) was created for me.

To resolve this, I changed the email address to my original Scoutbook account (before I stopped using it) in order to access the new Scoutbook profile created for me with the email address changeyouremail@scoutbook.org. This enabled me to access the new account and update the email address. Unfortunately, my position doesn’t seem to work properly on Scoutbook. image I don’t have the Merit Badge Counselor controls on the Dashboard. image And Scouts are unable to invite me as counselor. My email address also keep changing back to changeyouremail. I’ve contacted the council about this problem and they only asked me for my current email address which I provided. But it hasn’t been resolved. There are blue cards I need to sign off but Scouts are still unable to add me. Is there someone here that can suggest what else I can do?

@MHTroop511FDC I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it

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Thank you. I’m new here and had to figure that out for a bit. But I was able to reply to your direct message. I maybe having email issues here in the forum, too. I received this in my email.

Although you may participate in forum discussions, you will not be able to receive notification until you update your email to be used for the forums notifications. We could not use your email associated with your Scoutbook account since it is already in use in forums.
Please follow this link to provide an alternative unique email:

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