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Scoutbook erased previous activity

I advanced all my Cubscouts back in April. Retired a den that had advanced to BoyScouts.
I have not been in scout book for a few weeks recently.

I hop on yesterday to assign new scouts to their den and notice NONE the den changes I made prior are there. I am also now missing a long time leader from Scoutbook (yes he does his YPT every year and is registered)

Has anyone had it happen where changes got wiped out?? I don’t want to make the changes again and cause issues until I find a root problem.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

@CrystalBoehm - was this your process for advancing the dens:

I do not run that process until the end of June or early July when the scout year ends.

Is that lost leader showing on the roster at my.scouting.org?

I do not see that any of your scouts reverted backwards. perhaps you thought you advanced dens and you did not?

Hi, Donovan. Thank you for replying.
I awarded all rank patches like I had prior. I went back in and it showed I needed to award them again.
So I just did that and advanced all dens in the edit (again)
I had one leader I ended bc she aged out and went to BoyScouts but she was back in. So I put the end date in again.
Now I have another leader that has been on since Lions and he just poofed even though he had a BSA#, approved application and has been doing YPT. I will call my council office Monday on that to get him added back.

Thank you, Stephen. Maybe I ran it too soon? I did mine back in April.
I just had to award rank patches again. Then went back and did the den advancement in the edit. It is the same as your instructions so I’m a little stumped.

I apologize but I have not had to look for a leader in the scouting.org. He has a BSA#, yearly completed YPT and an approved application from 3 years ago. So I think perhaps I should just call my council office to clear that up??

If you are a unit Key 3 (CM/SM,CC,COR), you can see the official unit roster in my.scouting.org under the left side menu → Unit # → Roster

If the adult is not on that roster, then contacting the council is likely the best way to figure out what happened. The most common issue is that the adult was omitted from the recharter for some reason. Having been an approved leader does not ensure that they remain an approved leader, of course, if they are omitted from recharter, or missed some other deadline (e.g. YPT wasn’t renewed in time, or wasn’t valid long enough after recharter). Some councils require that YPT be valid for a minimum amount of time following recharter in order to renew a scouter’s registration.

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