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Scoutbook Error Issues

I have a scout that has been in our Troop for years. All of a sudden I am getting an error that the scout is not attached to a scout in our roster. I looked and he is in our roster. I contacted our Council and they have no idea what the issue is. This scout just achieved his Eagle, and I can not order anything for him as he will not show up on the Advancement Form. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know what the fix is? Also all his camping and hiking has disappeared.

@AlyssaSchaefbauer -the scout is listed on the roster at my.scouting.org ? Do the record details at my.scouting match scoutbook as in MID, name and DoB. I would also look at the membership section for the scout in scoutbook to make sure there is a current membership.

I don’t have access to the troop roster through my.scouting.org. He is in the advancement.scouting.org. I don’t know how he would just disappear from our roster in the my.scouting.org since he has been with us for almost 6 years. He is the only boy affected by this issue from his group.

We’ve had these issues occur after recharter from time to time, even with long-standing scouts/adults. Usually, someone has created a second BSA member ID for the individual (sometimes by creating a new account at my.scouting.org in order to register/record training).

I would talk to one of your unit Key 3 to check the official roster at my.scouting.org to verify that the data that @Stephen_Hornak noted all match exactly. This could also include something as simple as the addition of a middle initial causing a mismatch.

Post his BSA Member ID (not name) and we will investigate

124295840 Thank you.

He also doesn’t have that A with the circle around it next to his name. I told our council office about it and she said she didn’t know what that was. Our council people don’t seem very well trained in scoutbook. So if it needs to go through them I may need step by step so I can walk her through it.

Everything looks correct from my view of the database. I suggest having a unit admin go to his troop membership and make sure the Approved check box is set.

He is, but it looks like he was reassigned by SB UserID 1802628 after they ended his membership. I don’t know why he would have been ended. Then ended only to be started on the same day.

Well something just happened, he is there now. You have the magic touch. Thanks!

Ugh, so now I get the error User record not found and all of his Camping and Hiking and Service Hours have disappeared. Guess it isn’t fixed.

@AlyssaSchaefbauer - one thing to note is that the scoutbook user id is not related in any way to the MID. So was the membership restarted AND approved in scoutbook. It also seems to me that you are working in both scoutbook and IA2.

I work mostly from scoutbook but was looking at his camping nights to determine if he qualified for the national outdoor award, when it started stating he isn’t enrolled or something like that. Last I checked Scoutbook was working but I need access to his camping etc.

@AlyssaSchaefbauer Try un-approving the Scout’s Membership with his troop/patrol, wait about 30 seconds or so, then re-approve his Membership.

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