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Scoutbook for Leaders help- network error

Our pack is new to Scoutbook this school year, so we’re all kind of flailing in the dark and teaching each other as we go along.

The problem I’m having is with Scoutbook for Leaders.

A few weeks ago when I was looking around in it (to see what was what) it was great. I was excited to use it to keep track of my cubs and their advancements. I was particularly looking forward to using the suggested lesson plans in Scoutbook for Leaders (before, during, and after tabs on each meeting in the calendar) and using it to keep attendance. Even though I’ve been a Wolf leader for years I’m always looking for better ways to teach and inspire the children.

I logged in to Scoutbook for Leaders before my meeting yesterday (our first real meeting) and clicked on “before” to see what I’d need to take to my meeting. Network error. “During” gave me a network error, too, instead of a list of activities. Attendance gave me a network error. Eventually, I logged out of Scoutbook for Leaders and signed into Scoutbook, where I was able to take attendance and log what we worked on. But I wasn’t able to pull up the lesson plan there. The meeting topics do show up, even the one I edited to add in because our time frame was long enough to add in another topic.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known bug? Could it have anything to do with our Cubmaster turning off DLE for everyone when it kept sending out reminders for meeting during our off weeks (we are currently meeting every other week, but the calendar was preset with meetings every week)? Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

I can still use scoutbook for attendance. But I’d really love the option of using the Scoutbook for Leaders lesson plans.

Thanks for any help.

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