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Scoutbook functions for Crews

Our Crew does not yet use Scoutbook, in “selling it” to the leaders, I am curious… can they set up “patrols” within the Crew like a Troop can? Just wondering about the functionality of selecting a subset to send messages to.


Subunits for Venturing crews are not supported in Scoutbook.

I have never heard of sub-units for Crews.

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We have a uniques situation where two Troops feed a single Crew and members of the Crew are still active in both Troops. Some of the Crew leaders do not have access to the Troop messaging in Scoutbook, I was curious if separating the Troops within the Crew for messaging purposes would solve our communication issue, or if we need to give the Crew leaders positions in the Troop in order to give them access to the Troop messages for the Crew members.

I am working hard to consolidate all of our messaging to Scoutbook, but keep finding hiccups which make me, Scoutmaster of one of the Troops, the gatekeeper to all emails for the Troop. I would love to be able to pass off more of that part of my role without pushing our families to use multiple communication methods. Our Crew leader is creating a google group in order to be able to message the older Scouts in our Troop (eligible for Crew) and keep Crew adult leaders in the loop. I wish we could do it in Scoutbook and was trying to explore those options. It seems I will need to make all the Crew leaders “ASMs” in order to do this. I am not sure they want that.


If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Firefox or Chrome, I believe you can save named groups in the messaging. Each individual would need to set up and save the groups, but it would be a work around to keep communications through Scoutbook.

I hadn’t thought about that option! Thank you. I will propose that.

Leaders on the crew can message any venturers (who have connected) and their parents regardless of what troop they are also a member of.

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@AngelaKoch, to save you to time of reading the thread I created the other day, here’s what I’ve seen with our Crew and messaging.

No, we can’t set up “patrols” from a roster, point of view, but with the extension mentioned above you can set up groups, for messaging purposes.

You said “Some of the Crew leaders do not have access to the Troop messaging in Scoutbook…” That could be the problem we’re having.

Registered adults can message everyone.

Venturers under 18 can message everyone.

Venturers 18 - 20 cannot message parents of other crew members. We’ve just discovered this bug.

Other folks have used the forum function with success. Our crew members typically use GroupMe.

For the calendar we had a Secretary account with shared log in, so Venturers could plan and share event info.

Angela, I have a Sea Scout Ship whose members are dual-registered in several other troops. It’s no problem–they are members of the troop in the troop view for their unit and also members of the ship in our unit. Some are also in Crews, and their membership shows up in their respective crews.

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