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Scoutbook Individual Advancement Report for Sea Scouts

I cannot find a way to print an individual advancement report for Sea Scouts and Venturers.
If I am in the Ship or Crew area and look under reports, the individual advancement report defaults to Scouts BSA. Am I missing something or is this not available?
If it is not available, will it be added?

As far as I am aware, the Individual Advancement Record (IAR) is only for the Scouts BSA program. It was based off of a standard BSA form. I do not know of a similar form for Sea Scouts or Venturing.

There isn’t a convenient or easily read report that will give you their Sea Scout advancement; but you can sorta kinda get what you want through choosing Report Builder and selecting what you want. It will be ugly; but you can get the info that way. It prints in table format if you select more than one scout; so, if you want a report for individual scouts, you have to do one at a time.

There are plans to add a Sea Scout History report, but I do not know when it will be ready.

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We have someone in our ship that has made a converter from the advancement export to a google sheet. I can see if he is willing to share it if you are interested.


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