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Scoutbook invites - Scoutbook.scouting.org - My.scouting.org - Merges - OH my!

I realize there have been Domain Name Service (DNS) changes within the website architecture the past couple of years. The issue is that there is so much confusion between the scoutbook system and scouting.org that it literally adds hours to our leader duties every year.

This is an example of what my council requires me to do. This may not be applicable to your situation.

Scouts are entered by council admins by application. Emails are taken from application and entered under parents names. The system then automatically sends these parents an invitation to connect with the child’s new account on scoutbook.scouting.org. It also assigns the parent a BSA number at this point.

Here is an example of the invitiation that is sent:

Scoutbook is an exciting new web app that works in all browers but is specifically designed for mobile devices like the iPad, iPhone and other tablets.

Visit scoutbook.scouting.org and login using the information below

Login: JohnDoe@yahoo.com
Password: #j4i0Jt^

Now, this links to scoutbook.scouting.org with the login form popped up and filled in with these credentials. If the parent tries to login with these credentials it doesn’t work. (Hit F12 in any browser and look at console errors)
Accounts on scouting.org don’t use email addresses anymore (Or so i’m told - I had to have mine merged to a NON email address login name) Now, after getting frustrated (and knowing nothing about scouting ) the parent clicks the SIGN UP button. This enables to create an account through a mechanism that actually works.

The problem is, now they have another BSA number that doesn’t match with the connection that already exists with the child’s account on scoutbook. The parent’s connection request is waiting for a matching account acknowledgement from scouting.org, which it thinks it has created( something that was done in the old system but not in the new system.) Since this account was never created it cannont be matched up, hence, it stays unconnected in scoutbook.

KEY QUESTION: What are the credentials for the connected account that was auto generated by the inputting of the application by the council office? (Fixing the problem here will solve a lot of this merging mess.)

Now parent calls the cubmaster or scoutmaster and then that leader has to call the office and have the accounts merged. This happens MULTIPLE times a year. Each case takes at least an hour or two to solve.

I really hope there is an easy solution that I don’t know about. In the meantime, send this to the IT dept and have one of them call me.

@ShaneDugas - ok… my experience is not exactly as you have outlined. We just added 3 new cubs with one being a returning scout. When the app is entered by council there is no invite sent that I have EVER been aware of as that for scoutbook is at the unit level. The new scouts entered our pack roster, I moved them to their respective dens, then clicked on add parent and searched for them based on the name from the app… if all matched I linked them and sent the invite. The url scoutbook.scouting.org should not and does not for me redirect to my.scouting.org… seems to be some bad info here.

Thanks for your insight. My apologies, I did misspeak. Those two address don’t redirect. They are on two different severs.

Two hours on phone so far today. This is what I’ve learned.

This is for NEW scout and NEW parent. Not any other scenario.
When council enters new scout and new parent. Scouting.org server/system creates a scoutbook.scouting.org account automatically. (As part of the account creation process on scoutbook, the system sends an invite to the parent to create an account) Part of the “automatically” part is that it is also supposed to make an account on scouting.org for the new parent. This part is broken. It does not make new account.

This information was taken from help pages of the system that the council uses to input the data and see everything.

Another part that was confirmed as broken is…
The routine on the scoutbook new parent connection routine. This automatic invite routine, which uses the newly input parent name and email (which was autocreated by scouting.org) sends an automatically generated email with auto populated data with links for account creation on scoutbook.scouting.org that contain an email address. The usernames @ scoutbook.scouting.org can not contain an email address as the login name.

There are 4 similar scenarios that were listed on the help pages…I will talk about this one only. This is what was decided by the council office today 10/11/21 for the current issues based on the listed solution in their help system.

  1. In scoutbook, look at parents profile and get their BSA number and EXACT name and address. (They don’t exist as an account on scouting.org yet, only a database entry attached to their child.)
    2.Tell parents “Ignore any email you received about account creation from scoutbook.”
    3 Tell parent to go to scouting.org and create an account. Use the BSA number and EXACT name and address when creating account. The system should make a background match and NOT create another BSA number upon account creation.

This is not confirmed, only the suggested solution at this point.

Sounds kinda like this might actually belong in the my.scouting Tools subforum to get the right eyes on it. That’s (kinda) where the group has been handling issues with the training modules, and this seems more like a back-end issue related to the internal BSA systems rather than the “client”-facing systems, though.

@RonaldBlaisdell, does that make more sense?

I agree, its a complex, backend issue.

There are lots of questions about account merges and issues so I figured I’d start here. It needs to be moved that ok. If we can link to it from here that would be great too. The solution steps might save someone an hour or two at some point.

I’m just a Cubmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster :slight_smile:

Well, I can’t merge accounts - but that are members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Committee that can.

@ShaneDugas did your Council open a ticket on this?

Yeah, I was thinking more about the issues (bold text in quote below) related to what seemed like the back-end not creating the my.scouting.org account for the parents when their Scoutbook account was created, rather than you merging the accounts (which is a separate issue for the SUAC folks).

[Emphasis added ]

I wasn’t sure how much of this was intended behavior, how much was not-yet-fully-implemented behavior, and how much was full-on buggy behavior. :grinning: I figured you might be better able to aim the “right people” at this to sort that part out. Maybe the council bug report is the way to go on that.

Alot of this issue is different teams - it is hard to diagnose, though this post has good data, I know they are working on it.

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They did NOT. Partly because they don’t understand the back end mechanisms and they aren’t quite sure how to communicate what the real issue is. After listening to them read the help desk ticket resolutions back to me over the phone, it seems that some one has reported it and they are aware of the problem at least.