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Scoutbook is not synced to National data base

I am the Advancement Chair of my Troop and not all of the advancements previously put into Scoutbook are showing up, but when I go down to my District Council office the advancements are in the National Database. How do I get Scoutbook to sync with National?

It should sync automatically. Please send an email to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with all the details of what is missing.

Two things to double-check while you wait for a response from support (you’ve probably already done this, but it doesn’t hurt to take another look, just in case):

Make certain that all of the scouts have their position approved (green shield). If their position is not approved in Scoutbook, it will not sync with the national database.

If their membership is approved, make sure that the sync icon is present (two arrows forming a circle). If the sync icon is missing, it means that either they are missing from your council’s official roster, or for some reason they cannot be matched up properly (their scout ID might have been incorrectly entered, for example).

If both the position approved and advancement sync icons are present and it still isn’t working, you will need to contact Scoutbook support.

Also note that any changes can take up to 24 hours to sync between the systems.

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