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Scoutbook is not updating since the Recharter

We rechartered over 2 months ago. Our Scoutbook and My.Scouting do not reflect this. We have scouts still on the roster who have since left. We have scouts who joined who are not showing up still. What do we do?

Does your roster at my.scouting.org in Member Manager reflect the changes, or is that still showing your old roster? If my.scouting is still showing the old roster, it sounds like the recharter hasn’t been processed by your registrar yet.


Council personnel have to review the recharter paperwork and then update information in a Scouting Database before my.scouting gets updated, then a once a day (nightly I think) process runs that updates SB from the information in my.scouting.
Usually the person to contact is your council registrar. You can usually find that persons name & contact information on your councils web site.
Good luck

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I looked at your current registrations. Your council has not yet posted your recharter. Your roster will not update until they do so.


One possibility: you may have submitted your recharter paperwork 2 months ago, BUT your council has not processed it yet. For example, my troop turned our paperwork in 2 months ago BUT we did not get processed until Friday and my.scouting.org updated Saturday or Sunday.

Sorry for saying it out loud, but this is absolutely horrible customer service by the council. Units get pushed to “recharter on time” and then sit in a queue for weeks or even months. I’ve given my DE a hard time about this, because we have units that have been in since early December that still have not posted.

So we FINALLY registered as rechartered this morning…2 months later.

Still missing a new scout who was supposed to be part of the recharter. One step at a time I guess.


For the missing Scout, first check your roster at my.scouting.org. If the Scout is there, we can look into it with the Scout’s BSA Member ID. If the Scout is not on your roster at my.scouting.org, you will need to contact your Council.

I wasn’t going to say, but since you did, I’ll pile on. Our charter was done, I believe on 12/1. Our old one expired on 12/31. We still don’t have our new one 40 days later.

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Unfortunately, the legacy BSA systems where recharter must be processed do not allow registrars to post recharters until after the expiration of the old charter. Councils typically request charters early so they can review them for errors prior to the end of the charter year when they can start posting them.

I do know many councils are behind in posting recharters. Councils know they have until March 1 to get recharters processed for units that expired on December 31. I expect the remaining recharters will be posted soon.


This is the problem - they procrastinate and don’t process them until they MUST finish the job.

I don’t think it is procrastination. It takes time to post each recharter. Councils are working on getting them done as soon as they can.


I think it is a resource application issue and a denial of the need. Councils still act like charters need to get done when they are done. They don’t seem to take the need for Scoutbook, my.scouting, and online applications to be working into account.

If I was a scout executive, I would have ALL staff train to be a registrar. Then, like a “merit badge party on Friday night at camp”, have all hands plow through the charters in the first week or 2 of January. At camp, back in the day, this is how we had all blue cards signed and partials correct by Saturday morning when Scouts left. It is also how when I was in the OA, we manually moved data from one database to the other. 15 people on PCs.


Many councils have suffered layoffs and outright mergers. I disagree with the concept its is “procrastination” and think it is “not enough hours in the day” which is a resource/personnel question.

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This may be a security issue. Because the registrar has access to PII, up to and including SSNs, birthdays, information on youth/minors, it is likely a best practice to NOT have everyone cross-trained like that.

That also means that only one person can data enter. Thus, the bottleneck.

Good points. And background check results. Yes, but I assume these are surmountable barriers as the bottleneck is so big. Even to bring a couple of people into the circle. I assume the training is hours not days or weeks.

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I just did a look at my Council’s (Sam Houston Area Council) Annual Report for 2019. over 51,000 youth in over 1100 units. So make a simplifying assumption of 15 min per recharter to just to update the database (1100 units x 15 min ) / (60 min/hr) = 275 people hrs of work. Standard 40 hr work week (275 / 40) = 6.875 weeks (without doing any other customer servicing).
I don’t know how much time it takes to review a set of recharter paperwork to say it is OK to update the database. I know that the recharter paperwork from the units are not always perfect and there can also be handwritten entries on the paperwork.
Back before Covid when I went to the Council office for some function (new Y or A registration , Eagle BOR stuff, etc) there were usually 2 - 4 different staff working at the Registration desk year round that I recognized by face.
All three of my units (two Troops & 1 Pack) were updated by last week of Jan.

Certainly an issue of scale, and some councils do a better job than others of managing this problem. My own council does so by having the DEs and commissioners work with the units that need the extra touch time, so that the registrar can focus on posting the ones that are finished, and I should acknowledge that the latest changes to Internet Rechartering have eased a good bit of the burden on the unit as compared to 10 years ago. For example, this year I was able to add a new leader in the CR/IH positions through the IR system.
There is still much room for improvement, though. Old habits die hard, and despite the fact that all of the new leader’s information was already in the database (and the charter application) through my manual entry and his registration at my.scouting to complete YPT, I still had to submit a new unit application to change the name in the IH position, and a paper adult application with background check authorization and printed YPT certificate. Our council also requires units to fill out a couple of additional forms and submit with the charter - scheduling for FOS and the JTE form - that induce more paper handling and thus cost.

It is nice to have a DE and commissioner for your district and units.
Rural District: our last DE retired 1st of Dec. (in the middle of Recharter season here) and most members of the district were NOT informed for about 2 weeks. Before that we did not have a DE for a couple of years.
The Division (Field) Director is our acting DE. His home is on the North of the council office and our district is to the south west of the council office.
Several Districts in our council have acting DEs.
District units - 7 packs, 7 troops, 1 crew
District area ~ 3100 sq mi, district population ~ 100,000 in 3 counties.
Distance to Council Office from units between 50 - 108 miles
Farthermost distance between units 71 miles.
Part of the requirements for hardcopy comes from the “REGISTRATION GUIDEBOOK OF THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA” current edition July 2019. which states to have original signatures for certain documents (some exceptions are listed) including for the COR to approve adult applications. Until the Registration Guidebook is updated by National (and with the bankruptcy who knows when that could happen) we will still need to do the hardcopy methods.
I suspect that hardcopy requirement for the background check authorization goes back to a legalistic thing to cover the BSA in all 50 states.
I have been able to do without hardcopy YPT certificates in my council as long as I make sure that the BSA ID number shows a valid YPT completion date in my.scouting.org training check and I make sure the BSA ID # is listed on the Adult application. This has been especially important when the training section of my.scouting.org is acting up and not allowing a certificate to be printed. Council can also verify and check with the database.

The Registration Guidebook is pretty clear that scanned copies of signed registration documents are acceptable. “Actual signatures or written approval, such as email approval, must accompany the application.” (page 7)
It gives explicit alternatives (page 26):

… if reasonable attempts to obtain an original signature are not successful, the following alternative methods for obtaining signatures and/or approvals for BSA registration forms are acceptable:
• An emailed or faxed copy of the form. A staff member can scan or fax the form to the individual who needs to sign it and they can return the signed form to the council service center by mail, email, fax, or in person. A copy of the email, scan, or fax should be attached to the original application.
• An email from the appropriate person in lieu of a signature. A copy of the email should be attached to the BSA form and should follow the same retention policy as the original form.

The Guidebook also provides explicit language to be included in email approvals by parents for youth members, and for a Chartered Org Rep or Institution Head to use for approval of adult leaders.