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Scoutbook Login box retains previous username

Five year user of Scoutbook for our Pack. It seems something has changed in the login process recently?

Go to and click on login, Get User Login pop-up correctly. Problem is my old (pre-SSO username comes up filled in EVERY TIME! I’ve clicked the “X” to delete the username, exited the tab, exited the browser and it’s back the next time. I’ve clicked the “X” to delete the username and logged in using the correct information and it comes back the next time!

I’m not saving my password in the browser. I use a password manager, but have that disabled and still get the error.

Lastest version of Firefox on Win 10.

Seems to work correctly on Google Chrome.

Weird. I’m running the latest Firefox on Win7 (you can stop laughing any time now) and I get a blank box.

Any chance that the OS is remembering your username and auto-filling it? I’m not on Win10 yet, so I can’t test it.

LOL! Better change quick. No more security updates for you!

Can’t see how. The OS doesn’t remember usernames for any other sites that I just went to; cc & bank.

I’ve clicked the X next to the username to stop it from coming up, but it still does. Almost too many things it could be these days. Crazy.

Firefox Preferences there is a hidden login area I had to clear

@CharleyHamilton - at least you did not say Netscape on win 3.11

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Yeah, it’s not my computer. It’s one of those “dedicated software that refuses to run inside a vm on a newer OS” things. I’m more of a “It said requires Windows 7 or better, so I installed Linux!” guy. :wink:

Well, I clicked around and I at least got rid of the incorrect logon name. Now it doesn’t have any login name, even if “Remember my username” is checked. LOL

At least I can now use my PW manager… Funny thing is, other sites don’t exhibit this behavior, so it must be something with SB in particular…

While folks are on this thread, is anyone else getting random “You have been logged out” pop-ups after a minute or two in both Scoutbook and these forums? Another item that just started happening in FF.

Windows 10 and some other browsers now save in your cache and not in password settings. Windows 10 with Edge is fixing this on latest releases. It is not scoutbook but browser software.:no_mouth:

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