ScoutBook MB authorization test case

I’d like to find out how this happens.
Counselor received email: “Your council has recently updated its list of approved … Your approved badges are now:”

The badges listed are wrong. The Council DIDN’T recently update anyone; in fact we have everything on hold because the annual district/council re-registration is in process. During the re-registration this counselor confirmed that he wanted to continue with the badges previously listed.

This has been happening regularly, and I usually just tell the Counselor to ignore the message and to work from our printed list.
I’d like to use this as a test case and try to trace the origin of the problem. The counselor’s ID is 133961918. His previous approved list is CitComm, CitNation, CitWorld, DigitalTech, FamLife, Inventing, & Law. This change gave him only CitComm, CitWorld, Engineering, Music (the last two he hasn’t had for 2 years and were not in an April dump of national data).

The scouter, during the re-registration, did request several new badges, but all such requests are on hold for the reasons above.
Pete Townsend

I have confirmed this MBC’s list in Akela differs from Scoutbook. I have asked the developers to investigate.

When you look at his “old” badges, do they have green check marks next to them? If so, they were in Scoutbook before MBs were imported from Akela and will be removed with the announced cleanup on July 12.

When i say his ‘previous’ badges, I’m looking at a dump (csv) of the ScoutNet data that was run for me in April as a baseline for the district recharter, so there are no checkmarks.

I’ve also just confirmed that no updating of Akela data has been done as a result of the district (and MBC) rechartering.

I just tried to log into my.scouting and find that my access ( ID 8938905 ) to district data has disappeared. Up to last week I had Member Manager and Training Manager access to District data.

BTW, at last night’s Council Advancement meeting (I’m Chippewa -38 District Adv. Chair) I mentioned the July 12 event, and was told that none of Michigan Crossroads Council (at least Great Lakes Division) data will be affected by the event.

Speaking of data dumps. The Lake Erie Council makes a password protected MBC list available Scoutmasters on request. I serve as a Scoutmaster and Merit Bade Counselor. When I access my.scouting/Organization Manager/Reports/Council Merit Badge Listing I can get an unprotected pdf or csv file of the entire council list. Is this a function of my registered position and/or Key Three position in the troop, or does any registered adult leader have access/

It is available only to certain council and district positions.

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