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Scoutbook Merit Badge Report Enhancement Request

I pulled our troop’s merit badge report just the other day and like having this functionality! I would like to suggest that Eagle Required merit badges be made to stand out along with wording for those badges from which the Scout can choose (i.e. Camping OR Hiking OR Bicycling). It would make it easier in assessing which badges should be selected by the Scouts to complete next. I use this report to find MB’s to teach at a local level since they might not be able to earn them at a summer camp or MBU. Thanks!

To which report are you referring? The Incomplete Merit Badge Report? Report Builder? Another report?

Screenshot 2020-01-22 07.15.11

If you use Report Builder you can get the data you want

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I did use report builder, just selected all Merit Badges. Didn’t see (or look for) the Eagle-required option. This will work, thanks!

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