Scoutbook Mishmashed Account Info

This evening I attempted to create a Scoutbook account for Phoenix, so he can log in his activities going forward. In doing so his new log in took over my account and listed him as Troop Comittee member with my photo and his BSA # (see attached photo). According to his or my old Scoutbook he is his own parent with my face.

When I logged in with my username and password I arrived at a brand new Scoutbook account with almost nothing in it.

Somehow our accounts got mishmashed.

Here is my BSA ID 132361546

Here is Phoenix’s BSA ID 132361545

Is this something you can help me fix?

@PhoenixMagana we will look at it - I assume you tried this with my.scouting?

@PhoenixMagana I think this is all cleaned up - we would like to know the process you took to do it so we can replicate it

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I initially attempted to create a my.scouting account for Phoenix and somehow in the process of setting up Scoutbook the information crisscrossed. I think there was a prompt to match BSA #'s and I may have put the wrong BSA # with the wrong email address. That is to the best of my memory because after that it was all confusion and frustration.

Thank you for sorting this out!

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