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Scoutbook not for recording advancements?

I am an advancement chair for a troop. Today I logged in and found that I’m no longer a troop admin in Scoutbook. I don’t seem to have access to troop data in my.scouting.org either. I reached out to council for help. Among other things, I got this information.
“You will not be able to go through Scoutbook to record advancements, that is all being done via www.my.scouting.org, Menu, BSA Weblinks, Internet Advancement 2.0. You will click on the button on the right of the screen that says Record Progress to put in any and all advancement.” Is this true? Our troop and pack has been entering data via Scoutbook for years.

I don’t know what council you’re in, but I can still see and enter advancements in our Scoutbook account. I’m not aware of any national directives restricting advancement entry to IA2.

Regarding not seeing your positions/unit in Scoutbook, I would check with your unit Key 3 (SM/CC/COR) to verify that your position is still current in the unit roster. I suspect that you either acquired a new BSA ID when your recharter posted, or that your role as either Key 3 delegate or Unit Advancement Chair in my.scouting.org terminated when the recharter posted. That shouldn’t end your Unit Admin role in Scoutbook, though.


Thank you Charley. Our scoutmaster was able to get me set back up. I’m in the Atlanta Area council and I would figure they would be “in the know”. However, like you, I have doubts about a directive to record advancements exclusively by IA2.

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