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I have a scout whos parent is marking stuff completed. But they are failing to tell what they did to complete them. (Example: It says create a picture, but there is no picture attached to show they did it), plus there are many others. Is there anyway to decline their submission? It only gives me the option to approve it, but to me it is not finished because you have not shown it is done. Thank you

I unfortunately had this happen in my pack also. I have yet to find an answer me being the Cub Master of my Pack I
talked with the Den leader about it and he (the Den Leader) talked with the parent about not awarding it until they had brought work in. This has been 6 months and it’s still in there as completed but never awarded.

Unless I’m missing something something this is exactly why each adventure has three states: Completed, Approved, & Awarded. Parents can only mark an item completed - a leader must mark it approved so it goes on the needs awarding and needs purchasing reports. Basically if you or another leader never mark it approved, it will not appear on the needs purchasing report and the scout will never get it.

If you really want to move it out of the completed status, I think just removing the completed date and will revert it back to the uncompleted status.


In Cub Scouts, for anything not done at a den meeting, the parent is Akela and decides when the Scout has done his/her best.

From section of the Guide to Advancement:

For Lion through Bear ranks, if the activity is completed outside of the den meeting, the parent, adult partner, or another trusted adult may sign in the Cub Scout’s handbook, indicating the Cub Scout has done their best to complete the requirement. The den leader then records that requirement after consultation with the family or the Cub Scout to confirm completion.

When I was a den leader (until Webelos) if a parent told me their child completed a requirement, I marked it complete. I did not expect nor require any additional proof. When I saw a requirement marked complete, I approved it.

For Webelos dens, the Scout should be discussing completed requirements with the Den Leader or designee. The Scout’s family may mark requirements complete, but I would not approve anything until I had a discussion with the Scout.

If you are concerned that a Scout is not doing his/her best but the parent is marking requirements complete, have a discussion with the parent. I have found parents that did not understand the criteria often just need some education and the problem goes away.


I would believe them because they are Akela. But for Nova I had a wolf start an award and the mom marked the wolf rank requirements complete last year but he didn’t finish it last year. Another nova counselor had marked that box complete at the time, so I unmarked the box and made a note that the bear requirements would need to be done to finish it this year. The mom responded in the notes that he’s working on it and will update when finished. So the note feature I think is going to be my go to for things like that. It allows documentation of communication about completeness.


@JenniferSchorr, This is no different than a parent signing off in the Handbook. If you have questions, talk with the parents. I like the idea of asking parents up front to add Notes to help you understand what was completed. When I fill out items for the Scouts in my Troop I insert a note so the Advancement Chairs knows it is me and why I marked it off.


In my den, we ask that parents let us know when the scouts complete requirements. Send us dates, requirement completed, and send us pictures. Some requirements require the scouts to share what they did with the den or leader. So far, we have not had parents signing off on anything, and the scouts share what they did, without even being asked.

In the past, I had a parent sending me messages that the scout completed a requirement, so I marked it as being completed. At a meeting, while working with the other scouts to get it completed, I asked the scout who completed it what he did, not to put him on the spot, but to find out if he did something different. Well, that scout said he didn’t do that one. It was a fun activity that I think would have definitely been remembered. Now, kids will be kids and sometimes just do not remember, but it had me thinking…

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My son forgets what he’s done about two minutes later on a lot of things. I put pictures in even though I’m a leader for his because if you ask him there are days he’d forget he was even in scouts. lol Now if you ask him what level of a video game he’s on … They’re definitely not a reliable source for what’s been completed, especially if they do adventures with family over the summer and the den doesn’t get to it until later in the year.


Haha, yes! There’s been so many times as a den leader where I’m giving out belt loops at a pack meeting and I’ll say “For this adventure we did X.” and one of the cubs will say “I didn’t do that”, even though I have pictures of them at the den meeting doing X with all the other cubs!


So very true…as fun as they are to be around…they are best suited for the telephone game.


I signed off on the items that the Parents marked as completed. We recognize that we cannot complete everything in the meetings. They do things outside of Scouting that completes the requirement. (Scout family was very active outdoors so they had completed all the hiking and camping requirements for their rank.) I did ask the parents to include notes on what the Scout did and where they earned it. They had no problem doing that because they got credit for what they had already done. I add notes when I sign off on my scout. We found that the scouts were more interested in doing things because they got their recognition at the Pack meeting. (Scout did more community outreach because she was recognized at the Pack meeting.) Ultimately, the parents are only hurting their scout if they give them advancement. They benefit by earning it.

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I had an issue with a parent going in and marking off a service project which was required to be at least 3 hours of a conservation project.

I spoke to SM and he was going to talk to parent.

I was able to go to requirement and delete it there and then it disappeared under the Needing Approval section.

Good luck!

I encounter this issue once and as Den Leader, I disapproved that award until the scout’s last signoff was completed.

Also, I started downloading worksheets for each Adventure award and I give them to the scout or email to the parents and have them complete the steps that is being performed and turn them in for accountability and so I know what and when a step has been completed.

Try this and see if it makes a difference for you.



Per the Guide to Advancement, no one may not add any requirements to awards or advancement. Requiring a family to complete a worksheet is adding to the requirements.

The guide also states that for Lion through Bear, the parent is Akela and decides when a Scout has completed any requirements done outside of a den meeting. If the parent says the Scout did his/her best (the standard for Cub Scouts), then the requirement is complete. Nothing in Cub Scouts has to be mastered as it does in Scouts BSA. When I was a den leader, if a parent marked a requirement complete, I simply approved it.


Do you have reason to believe they’re lying? I do most of the volunteer requirements with my son for awards because my pack only does minimum requirements. Putting into scoutbook is how you document it. I personally add photos when I have them. I don’t think I would question a parent that didn’t. At the end of the day it doesn’t affect me really if they’re lying. It’s only cheating their child of an experience. They’re their child’s Akela.

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