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Scoutbook payment log glitch

I am a troop admin and the committee chair and usually have no problem with using the payment log for Scoutbook. However out of all my scouts, I have one scout who just eagled that now when I go into add a payment of reduce dues, scoutbook kicks me back to the dashboard. The scout is in a ship and venture crew but I made sure I am on the Troop tab. This has not happened before 3 weeks ago, and now we can’t put in a ticket to Scoutbook. I called the council office and there is nothing they can do from their end. LUCKILY I also keep a separate excel sheet for tracking the accounts and awards…good backup to have. ANY suggestions on what made this one scout’s payment log act wonky? He just turned 16 so no aging out and again, I’m on the troop tab. Works fine for all the other scouts in our troop.


Is the Scout’s membership in your unit approved (green shield)?

Yes, it has the green shield with the checkmark for all my scouts including this one. The only change was he made eagle and he just turned 16 so not an age out

@MistiAllen - this may be a long shot, but is there any leadership position that is unapproved ?

No, all leadership–youth and adult are all approved, we’ve been fine and in our positions for quite a while now with no issues. The ONLY change was the Scout earning Eagle.


Please post the Scout’s first name and last initial so we can see if anything looks strange in the DB.

Drew T. is our Eagle scout

@MistiAllen - i trust Ed will find something. But I was vague on my post. It would be a leadership position for the scout in question.

Stephen, he is and has been our SPL for months…he is our super scout for this council lol Thank you all for helping as I am truly at a loss. Tried to give as much detail as I can too. Just so strange it is happening now

@MistiAllen do you have a few minutes for a screenshare to look at a few things?

Donovan, yes please!! Can do that!

@MistiAllen - if now is a good time I will send you a direct message > look at top right Avatar to find it - it will be a private message channel with select members of the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (SUAC)

Please reply if now is good

now is a good time and thank you!!

I am having this same issue since July 2020. Both of mine are Eagles and in ship crew. Interested for solution!!

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