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Scoutbook Permissions for ASMs

What permissions (connections to Scouts) should ASMs have in Scoutbook?

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that is a pretty unit specific question
My Troop 20-35 scouts: Any ASM can work with any Scout - so they all have at least Edit Advancement
Some Troops Assign ASMs to Patrols: so they might give that ASM Edit Advancement for that patrol and just view profile for all other Scouts.

It really depends on how the unit is set up and running

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Thanks! Can you explain the differences in the permissions (levels of connection) in Scoutbook? Specifically, what is the difference between edit advancement and full control?

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https://help.scoutbook.scouting.org/knowledge-base/scoutbook-permissions-defined/ - is a link to a whole article - below you can click triangle to see the main points

Click Here to see Summary of permissions

The Full Control permission is meant for parent/guardians or anyone you want to have complete control of The Scout’s account. Users with Full Control can also change The Scout’s connections and set permissions. Scoutbook works best if you give parents full control. You communicate unit policies to them if you wish them not to change advancement or other areas.

The Edit Advancement permission gives the connected user the right to view and edit all of The Scout’s advancement data. Marking an item in Scoutbook as “complete” is the same as checking it off in a handbook. Approving an item in Scoutbook is the same as signing off on an advancement.

Only Leaders and committee members with ‘Full Control’ or at least ‘Edit Advancement’ permission can Approve advancement, other adults connected to a Scout with Edit Advancement or Full Control will be able to indicate an advancement is “complete” but not approve it. This permission allows the adult user to see The Scout’s Notepad entries and leave comments. Typically, this permission should be granted to Parent/Guardians, Scoutmasters, Advisors, Skippers, Assistants and select committee members. Merit Badge Counselors do not need this permission because they should only have access to specific merit badges.

The View Advancement permission gives the connected user the right to view all of The Scout’s advancement data including his Notepad. This permission is also needed in order to view advancement reports.

The Edit Profile permission gives the connected user the right to view and modify The Scout’s profile page.
The View Profile permission gives the connected user the right to view The Scout’s profile page.

Typically, this permission should be set for all connected accounts so they can view The Scout’s contact details.


I was looking all over for that! Thank you so much!

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