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Scoutbook - question on rosters

I have seen a lot of questions around this topic but none specifically address it so thank you in advance for any official response or documentation that I can use.

We are a family pack and have dedicated leaders for each girl den. However, at each level, the dens will meet simultaneously and often do activities together. The leaders are complaining about using Scoutbook because one leader per rank will often attempt to go into Scoutbook to update the advancement for both the boy den and the girl den. Even with the Quick Entry feature, they have to duplicate work. Are we permitted to combine all the kids together in Scoutbook only (they would officially still be two distinct dens) to make it easier for the leaders to update advancement?

Thank you

Our pack has them combined in Scoutbook.

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There are a couple of ways (I think) to tackle this without merging the dens. The easiest is to have one adult who is a pack admin. I believe that a pack admin can get all of the scouts at once. Another option (I think) is to set up the two den leaders as den admins in both of the rank-level dens. I believe that those den admins will then be able to see both sets of scouts at once. I don’t have a pack to test this in, however.

I am a Pack Admin in my Cub Scout Pack - I can see all Den members as well as make updates to any scout in any den.

I believe Den Admin would allow for a Leader to see and have updating privileges only for the den they are admin of. So, for example, Den Admin of Wolf Den 1 would only have admin access in Wolf Den 1 but a Pack Admin would have access to all scouts in all dens.

To clarify - by admin access, I mean the ability to access and enter advancements and whatnot.

If the same person is a Den Admin in more than one den, I think that person can access all of those dens.

Out of curiosity, I logged in to my Pack to see about setting someone as Den Admin to multiple dens because I’ve never set someone as admin for two dens before.

It’s definitely doable and you can specify if the admin has full access or customize the access. In Scoutbook in the Pack Roster, you just go to Add Leader, search for the leader you want to make admin and then after the search function finds them, you can choose which dens to give them admin access to.

Fairly easy to do and would take a Pack Admin or Key 3 only a few minutes to set up for the two dens mentioned in the original post.

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