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ScoutBook Quick How to Guide

I know there are training docs from scouting on scoutbooks I was just wondering if anyone has made a simple to follow one for their leaders? To let them walk thru the basics

Have you looked at help.scoutbook.com?

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@jacobfetzer is right. There are many documents/webpages that tell how to do things. One overarching document does not exist because it is too large. When I do demos for new users it takes a full hour to just show the basics.

Ok thanks I was hoping they had like a picture of an area with some quick explanations. Some of our leaders don’t seem eager to use it so trying to make it as simple as we can to get them the basics to get them and parents to start using it.

Yes but it is very in-depth info and I was trying to get like a larger over view kind of thing.

Appreciate the help

Try these.


This one is geared toward parents, but it may be a start for getting your leaders comfortable.

Donovan: do you have an outline? I am presenting an overview in March at our Scout roundtable. I am trying to decide if I should do a “how to” training or a demo of “how we do it”.

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