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Scoutbook Recording of Leadership Positions

In Scoutbook, I am unable to find a way to credit a scout who performs the same position of leadership or responsibility more than once. I have scouts who have been elected as SPL more than once or served as a Den Chief more than once over the years.

We use Troop Track for troop management. I can’t speak to Scoutbook’s troop management tools, but I’ve always found SB to be a bit lacking in repeat anything. It’s very much log once and that’s entered into official record and done.

In the same place that you log the position of responsibility the first time:

My Dashboard -> My Unit -> Unit Roster -> Scout’s Name -> Scout’s Leadership

Put an end date on the role, and start a new one with the same name and a new start date.

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@HubertShaffer Is the Scout currently in the same position of responsibility? If so, you need to end the current POR first, then you can add any past PORs in the same position. Then remove the end date for the current POR.

Good catch, @JenniferOlinger. I hadn’t thought of that aspect.

Charlie and Jeffier, thank you for your assistance in coming rapidly to my aid. Our troop is newly beginning to manually transfer information from another application to Scoutbook. I was recording each scout’s CURRENT PoR first, and it wouldn’t take a completed, older instances of the same PoR. When I entered them in chronological order (first time first, second time second, etc.), Scoutbook accepted multiple entries of the same PoR.

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