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Scoutbook records and MyScouting

I have a quick question. We recently changed our Executive Officer however he is not showing up on Scoutbook but the previous one is and is listed as Executive Officer and Scoutparent (he has no child in the program - I was able to break the Scoutparet link).
If I go to MyScouting the NEW Executive is showing up but not in Scoutbook.
Any thoughts or suggestions?
Thank you.

If it was changed by the council very recently, wait a few days, and check again.


If it has been more than 48 hours since the change appeared in, send an e-mail to with your council, unit number and the name of the new Executive Officer and ask them to make the change.

Do executive officers normally auto transfer to Scoutbook? Ours doesn’t. I don’t believe he would want the emails and communication, so it isn’t bad as is, I am just wondering the “default” setup.

The Executive Officer, also known as the Institution Head (IH) is not a member of BSA unless they register as the Chartered Organization Representative (CR).


Chartered organizations are structured differently so the term Institution Head is used to describe the person who leads the chartered organization. In a place of worship it may be a pastor or it may be the president of a community group. The institution head enters into an annual agreement to provide Scouting in the community and to the youth they seek to serve. In most cases the institution head appoints someone to oversee the Scouting program(s) they charter this position is a Chartered Organization Representative.

– Per Pack Chartered Organization web page (downloaded 2019-07-14)

@Matt.Johnson Based on the testing and my experience when 2019 recharter hit, I wouldn’t expect anything to automatically happen with the IH.

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