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Scoutbook Redesign Plans?

Agree 100%. This is jut one of many reasons we’re sticking with Troopmaster Web and TM Mobile interface for our troop.

@KelleySkidmore - yup the best thing since… nothing

When Scoutbook was introduced, I was excited. That quickly was replaced by disappointment. As an IT professional for many years, I wondered who developed this, and was more curious as to how much we paid them. If any of my developers would have delivered this, there would have been issues.

Reading some of the responses, I’s a bit flabbergasted by some of the suggestions.

We replaced Scoutlander with Scoutbook. Scoutlander is old, and hasn’t been touched for a long time. If you can even get it to load, it is extremely slow. The functionality is good, but it is definitely not an upgrade from Scoutbook. I know exactly why this app is slow, and I reached out to the developers multiple times with questions and to volunteer technical support. I never heard back from anyone.

The “old goats” like myself suggesting a CLI. That was funny. I’m betting most of the folks reading this are not even sure what “CLI” stands for.

One suggestion was for Scoutbook to default to your kids info when you log on. The issue is not everyone has kids. It is VERY easy to program the application to determine what your position may be, and change the UI based upon that position. In my case, I am a CC of a Pack, committee member of a troop, and grandparent of a cub and a boy scout. It’s still easy to program the app to let the user choose their own defaults.

Like usual, National made unilateral decisions on how this worked with little, or any, input from the folks in the field.

I would like to see the developers actually reach out to the users.

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The SUAC does work closely with Developers on Scoutbook - the are issues like the wide variety of users the is no ONE RIGHT landing page - Parents, Leaders, Scouts - it is a work in progress, now with a reduced staff.


Yes, that would be great and really useful.

Just a note: the Scoutbook mobile app UI is quite a bit more friendly for parents. It’s very simplified compared to the browser version – you don’t see all of the extra parts that are not necessary for parents, and the UI is more pleasant in general. However, I usually prefer working on a computer versus my phone when needing to input data. The mobile app is nice for looking up existing data, though.

If we could get a “customized” login for the browser version like mentioned above, that would be really helpful.

I feel your frustration with Scoutbook. I think the biggest problem may be that the programmers may not have ever been involved in Scouting as an adult leader and do not really have an accurate idea of how we as leaders need it to function. I think if National would require all of their programming personnel to be active in a unit so that they could get a better idea of what we need, it would greatly improve not only Scoutbook, but the national BSA website and their functionality.

@TiaLopez - just an fyi… the original developer of Scoutbook was indeed a leader in scouting. That was a number of years ago when there were paid subscriptions. I know because I have been an active user since that time.

I was at that National Annual Meeting in Atlanta and worked the scoutbook booth where this was filmed.

Most of the IT project or program managers (the ones making the decisions) are or have been involved with Scouting units or councils.


Internet Advancement does change as you select your position from the pull down that you wish to look at. I think there are plans to enhance that in the future.

I should point out that the Scoutbook User Advisory Council (those replying to issues here and on Facebook, are all registered volunteers and involved at the unit, district or council level.) Most present classes and help individuals in their councils and units. They are very well versed in the Scouting program.


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