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Scoutbook Registered Leader Flags

We started seeing this yellow triangle image next to some leaders on our roster. It states the person is not a registered leader, however the folks with the flag are current leaders.

What is going on with this in Scoutbook?


I would verify that the BSA ID matches between the account and the current roster at my.scouting.org. If they don’t match, the leader likely has multiple accounts, and needs to resolve that issue first.

Beyond that, I know that certain “leader” roles which don’t have background checks are being intentionally flagged, while there were some problems with other types of registered leaders being unintentionally flagged. What roles are the leaders registered in?

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Thanks Charley, this is helpful!

The leaders with roles being flagged are all Den Leaders or Assistant Den Leaders.

Please post their BSA member numbers, and we can take a look.

I am not comfortable placing their BSA ID numbers which could be Personal Identifiable Information on the public forum. I will dig into more on my side with our committee chairman.


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I can send you a private message.

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