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Scoutbook Reports Not Showing

When I try to access a “Needs Approval”, “Needs Purchasing”, or “Needs Awarding” Report, they all state that there are no awards that need to be approved/purchased/awarded. However, when I go to individual scouts, I see there are awards that have been completed or approved and needs purchasing or awarding. I tried in Edge & Chrome, and tried generating reports from the pack dashboard and individual den dashboards. All yield the same result.
When I go to my profile it states that I have Unit Advancement Chair, Pack Admin, and Committee Member roles for my pack, so I believe I should be able to generate those reports to purchase awards.

@MichaelOrvieto - what are your roles and registered positions in my.scouting.org ?

@MichaelOrvieto what is a BSA # of a Scout and name of an award you think is missing

On my.scouting.org under profile, it states " Registered Positions - No positions"

BSA ID: 136523645 , Completed and Approved, but not showing up on the roster.

You are not a registered leader so you should not have any positions in SB (not sure why system allowed it) - but you connections are only View Advancement - so you cannot Edit Advancement - that is why they do not appear - if your unit wants you to be a leader you need to turn in an Adult Application


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