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Scoutbook Required For Advancement

I am looking for information regarding if there is a plan for Scoutbook to become the required system for advancement entry. I have heard that within 3 years Scoutbook will be required for units to use. At that time, the ability to import from other software will be turned off. I had heard this is due to the time when an agreement regarding the ability to upload for other vendors expires. I would like to know if there is any truth to this, so that we may begin to work on a transition plan for our unit. Any help is appreciated!

There are no plans to require Scoutbook usage. This is why Internet Advancement has the ability to import from 3rd party software.


Pushing aside rumors I would also point out that activity logs have been moved out of Scoutbook. But one reality that is so easily forgotten is that we have units where many don’t have internet access.

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