Scoutbook should allow modification of information in manually-created accounts until the account syncs with the roster

I have a family who submitted a paper application, listing an incorrect birth date.
We normally create manual Scoutbook accounts for the new members so they receive event reminders immediately rather than waiting (sometimes months) for the council to process applications.
Now that the Scoutbook account is created and linked with a new parent account, I cannot modify the scout’s birthdate. Note: they’re not on the roster yet, so the new account haven’t synced yet.

Can this functionality be changed, so it allows modification of manual accounts until the account is synced to the roster? And is there a way to address it now? My district executive said he doesn’t have access to make that change.

While I could delete the account, start over, and send another account creation email to the family, I figured it would be cleaner to simply fix the single digit that’s wrong in the record, and would be less confusing to the family.


In this particular situation, it sounds like it would be better to leave the date of birth as is until the local council processes the paper application. The reason why is because the council will enter the Scout’s information, and then the automated system will look for a match in Scoutbook. If it doesn’t find a match, then the automated system will create a new Scoutbook account (userID).

The local council has the ability to correct the date of birth using the Registrar Tools, and the corrected date of birth should propagate over to Scoutbook.

Thanks for the reply Jennifer. Will the incorrect birth date prevent the roster entry from linking with the existing Scoutbook entry? I’d hate to cause additional confusion by having the sync create a duplicate entry.

Also, isn’t there an office that does have administrative access to change these fields, even if it’s the council registrar? If only Scoutbook still directly supported local units like it did when we started using it in 2017.

The council Registrar can change the date after the application is processed.

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