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Scoutbook Support through JIRA needs more categories

When I submit a problem, I am looking for a fix, not an explanation. Changing a request to done and resolved, when you acknowledged there is a problem and it is not fixed, is an exercise in redefining the words.

Resolutuion and status categories seem to be: OPEN, CLOSED, REOPENED, DONE, and RESOLVED. Telling me that the problem is known and is being worked on is not a fix; therefore, the problem is not resolved, nor is it done. Consider categories for KNOWN ISSUE, being worked, REFERRED to other department, PENDING RESPONSE from other department, and CLOSED WITHOUT RESOLUTION.

Yes, I believe the JIRA folks will not see this post. But, where else should this be posted?

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I’ll pass it on to the right folks.

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@DougWright - Those are standard Jira statuses.
But the Resolutions can (and I think should) be customized to indicate any further action to be taken so that submitters know what’s going on.

If you care, my IT department uses additional values like: Known issue, Won’t Do, Cannot Reproduce, No Longer Relevant, Follow-up ticket created, Duplicate, etc.

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