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Scoutbook Training/mock scout

I’m an advancement Chair and plan to do a training for new scouts and families but it’s open to the whole troop. I feel it would be great if Scoutbook included a mock student for training. It just doesn’t make sense to use myself or my scout when information is already add. Being able to start from scratch so everyone can follow along would be most helpful.

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You can add additional test scouts to your unit, even on a test den/patrol. The only thing you won’t be able to do is approve advancement.

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I am aware of that but it would be nice to show the full process from a scout or parent adding the achievements to how I approve them. Then they can see what it should look like when they do it successfully.

I’m confused. The “fake” scout should be adequate to show everything up to the “Completed” stage. Parents and scouts can’t “Leader Approve” advancement in Scoutbook, so the fake scout would be adequate to demonstrate what they could do.

You could show them a live scout record (or redacted snapshots of such) with what it would look like from a parent interface side, if the goal is just for them to see the difference between green, blue and yellow check boxes (Completed, Leader Approved, Awarded).

My experience has been that what the leaders approving advancement need to know isn’t the same as what parents/scouts entering advancement need to know. I usually have to run separate training for those groups. Maybe I’m not understanding the goal of the training you’re running…

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