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Scoutbook 'Upcoming Events' Feed is wrong

Does anyone know the steps to ‘fix’ a unit’s Upcoming Events Feed (yellow box with red text) so that it shows the upcoming events. For some reason my Troop’s feed is broken and has shown a topic for months that is listed for next month. None of our Troop meetings show up on it at all. Any assistance you can give will be helpful.

The upcoming events on the troop page only show events on the troop calendar. They do not show events on the patrol calendars even if every patrol is selected.

Do the events have invitees?

Yes. They all have invitees. Is this something that might be causing a problem?

Yes this is the Troop Calendar I’m talking about. I don’t believe our patrol calendars are ever used.

When you click my dashboard > events, do the missing events appear there? How about if you click my calendar and then the gear icon to remove all but the troop calendar?

@IanTownsend - I just checked my Troop, Crew and Pack and all events are showing on My Calendar and within the unit pages the block of upcoming events is showing correctly.

I got it y’all! Thanks to JenniferOlinger! I went in and found that our next event is the Court of Honor on Tuesday. That was not showing on the feed. The CoH had no invitees so I added myself and our Committee Chair. It now shows.

I’ve done this in the reverse (taken an event and removed all invitees) and it doesn’t show in the feed.

Now I know and hopefully now all of you know too and can learn from my mistake / question!

For any event to show in the feed it must have at least a few invitees. If you don’t want it to show in the feed (i.e. its a calendar event for maybe just the Key 3 to complete like our annual report) but you still want it on the calendar. Don’t have any invitees.


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