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Scoutbook won't let me send another invitation to parents who never received one

We have some new female scouts whose parents did not receive invitations to join Scoutbook. We’re trying to send them new invitations but their parent pages don’t give us that option. Looking at parent pages for two different scouts: the first one shows the “Send Invite Again” checkbox as expected. The second does not. The second one was added recently so some setting was/is different?
Nothing in the Scoutbook Knowledge Base addresses this scenario. Can someone explain why the newer scout’s parent page doesn’t give us the option to send another invitation to the parents, then tell us how to fix that?

It sounds like the parent may have set up an account in the past. Do they have another child that was in Scouting?

One parent does. And she was able to use her old account to access the new Scout. (She just emailed to let me know.) I’m checking with the other parents to see if that works for them.

The parent can also try the forgot password option on Scoutbook’s login page.

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