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Scouting App and Scoutbook Calendar

Is anyone having these two apps calendars not syncing? The apps use to sync for the parents to see where their Scout needed to be and be able to take attendance. Now as I enter events in Scoutbook they do not sync at all. Please help if you have any insight on this matter.

I haven’t noticed anything, but will look into it. Do you have the latest version of the Scouting app installed? I know it was updated for iOS this morning.

I just modified an event on the website, and the calendar in the app showed the change after I pulled to refresh it.

I do have the most current version of the app. I noticed it about a month back but assumed it was something I was doing wrong in Scoutbook. Now that we are in full swing for the fall I just need to figure out how to get it working again.

OK, thanks for confirming you’re on the latest version of the app. I’ll dig into this – right now I’m unable to reproduce it, but will keep after it.

Have some questions for you to try to better define the problem.

  • Are you posting activities in the Pack calendar, or the Den calendar?
  • Are any of the events syncing, or none of them?
  • Is the calendar in the app empty?
  • Are other parents in your Pack running into the same problem?

Looks like it is a small bug. Non of the events were syncing from Scoutbook to the Scouting App. I did find a solution but I’m sure it will be helpful for everyone to know. You have to log out of the app and then back in…but you have to select the option “Delete Data and Logout.” If you chose the other option the events still don’t show up.

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Glad it’s working for you now. I’ll still let the devs know to confirm whether this is the intended behavior or not.


Anyone have any tips on adding a Den Chief to Scoutbook or keeping them up to date on events?
(other than the old fashioned forwarded email to Scout & parent).



Scouts cannot have memberships in a Pack and another unit at the same time, so you cannot add your Den Chiefs to your Den calendars or email lists.

This is off topic. Can this be moved to its own topic?

There is a work-around for this, but it is clunky. It involves creating a second account and maintaining its membership so as to avoid auto ending. It is easier to just create a Google Group for the den. Then you can add whomever you need to and their parents.

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