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Scouting Forward: A Plan to Lead

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May we get this as a .pdf? the image file here is cut off at the bottom. Thanks!

This was the version shared by the National Commodore for Sea Scouts. I have no other version (PDF or uncutoff or otherwise) Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seascoutsbsa/permalink/10157597852376699/

It appears to have been removed from the original Facebook post and is no longer accessible.
The only other document still displayed from the Reddit post that was linked to the Facebook post is the letter dated July 10 outlining the two major proposed changes to the Older Youth Scouting program. (Limit it to Scouts under age 18, and merge Sea Scouts into Explorers.)

Older youth Scouting statement_10JUL2020.pdf · version 1.pdf (197.2 KB)

I believe the only thing cut off was the end to the statement about the reduced National staff levels being “offset by greater…” reliance on volunteers.

Also, there’s a related article that has been posted (7/17/20) on Scouting Wire:

Notably, the line in the graphic that previously read “End all youth programs at age 18” has been revised to read “Evaluate program methods and age parameters to provide an engaging option that enables youth members to transition to adult leadership roles and remain active in Scouting with an ongoing commitment to safety.”

This article also solicits comments via this link:

I tried to submit comments/suggestions to

It has an error in the upload. You have to have 2000 characters right now for it to upload. So enter your comments, and then add filler to get to 2000 characters. That’s what I did.

Does anyone know what the problem is with councils? Are some councils not operating in an acceptable manner?

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