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Scouting Heritage Merit Badge opportunity, enhances member retention

First, I would like to invite any Troops that may wish to visit or be located near Central New York to consider a visit (or camp over) at the William Hillcourt Museum at Camp Woodland in Constantia New York, Longhouse Council to encourage their Scouts to work on the Scouting Heritage Merit Badge. This is only one of a number of Scouting Museums around the country but it is located in a beautiful Camp setting where units can spend a great weekend.
Second I do believe that earning this badge can encourage Scouts to remain in the program longer as they will gain a perspective on the history and value of Scouting in society and to their own personal growth. For many, being a part of something bigger is of great value.
Anyone care to share their thoughts or perhaps other venues?

This museum is in Boyce’s home town in central Illinois: https://ottawahistoricalscoutingmuseum.org/

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