Scoutmaster as a parent of a scout

Some SM’s will not sign BOR’s or SM Conferences for their own child. Is this a rule or just a personal preference (as I suspect)?

Well SM should never be part of any BOR as far as signing - that is a Committee Function.

SMC - there is nothing in the GTA that prohibits a Unit Leader from having a conference with their own child


I am Scoutmaster for my two sons’ troop. Whenever possible, I choose (as a personal preference) to have the ASM do the conference so that my kids can have a chance to discuss scouting things with someone other than their parent.

I see my kids every day so I have a good idea of how things are going anyways but I think it’s good for them to have an adult separate from me to speak with.

For our Boards of Review, our Committee Members do the same when the BOR is for their own child. They sit out their child’s BOR whenever possible.

We think it’s important for our kids to be able to speak freely without worrying about what mom or dad might think.

Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review aren’t interrogations but we do use them to make sure we’re meeting the scout’s needs, to make sure the troop is keeping the scout’s interest, and to find out what we as leaders can do better. Not all scouts are comfortable sharing their thoughts on those topics under the watchful eye or mom or dad.


You’re doing it the right way!

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You are doing things correctly, except that parents, guardians, and relatives cannot serve as board members for their own child ( Composition of the Board of Review).


I phrased the “whenever possible” part poorly. We make every effort to ensure parents are not part of the BoR at all, not as an observer but especially not as part of the group conducting the BoR.

99.9% of the time we are able to find other adults who can sit on the BoR in place of the scout’s parent.

I can think of only one time in the last few years where we could not get anyone willing to replace a parent who was also a Committee Member. Our committee at the time was only 3 people and we had a bear of a time finding an adult, any adult, to step in for the member whose son needed the BoR.

The G2A specifically allows non registered adults to be on a BoR if it is rare. In your case, I would have asked another Scout’s parent before a parent. One is explicitly forbidden, the other is allowed as long as it is not done often.


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