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So I have a conundrum that ive never had to think about until now. I have a scout in my unit that needs a scoutmaster conference but our scoutmaster is out of the country and one of the only if not the only assistant scoutmaster in town is one of the scouts parents. Can a parent that is an ASM and theoretically the Scoutmaster conference for their own child?

I’m not aware of an explicit statement one way or the other, but I think it’s implied by this passage from the Guide to Advancement:

Scoutmaster conferences are meant to be face-to-face, personal experiences. They relate not only to the Scouting method of advancement, but also to that of adult association. Scoutmaster conferences should be held with a level of privacy acceptable under the BSA’s rules regarding Youth Protection. Parents or guardians and other Scouts within hearing range of the conversation may influence the Scout’s participation. For this reason, the conferences should not be held in an online setting.

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Generally, our unit has an ASM designated by the scoutmaster handle the SMCs for the scoutmaster’s scouts. Generally, I recommend that scouts have at least one SMC “partway” through their rank advancement at each rank so that a last-minute situation as they’re gunning for a deadline doesn’t impede advancement. Any SMC counts, and it need not be held until the end.

Thanks, I know that a smc can happen at any time during the rank process. the troops that im involved in usually have lots of asms to choose from but on the rare occasion we might not.

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It’s up to the Scoutmaster to decide if he or she wants to delegate the Scoutmaster conference to an ASM or not. Is time a factor? ( Unit Leader (Scoutmaster) Conference)

The SM or the ASM can be the Scout’s parent, although it’s usually better to have the conference with another adult (method of adult association).

Mechanics of Advancement in Scouts BSA
Parents or guardians are involved at home encouraging, mentoring, and supporting, but they do not sign for rank advancement requirements unless they serve as registered leaders and have been designated by the unit leader [Scoutmaster] to approve advancement or are Lone Scout friends and counselors (see “Lone Scouting,”

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