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Scoutmaster quits during recharter before Jan 1st

We recently had a scoutmaster quit during a court of honor in December, citing family reasons cant go on, but will remain as the crew advisor and the Charter Org Rep (yes I know he cant do that). New SM steps up wants to complete the re-charter, finds the paperwork incomplete, has the old SMs name and family included in the re-charter, starts to audit the re-charter paperwork with actual people who have been active in the troop for the past several months. Jan 1st comes and goes, recharter is still incomplete, old SM starts to point fingers first at the registrar and then the new SM. Old SM starts to order the registrar around to complete the faulty recharter with him as both the COR and SM . Who is ultimately responsible for this situation? as it turns out the old SM and Registrar are at fault, one for not helping the New SM transition and for the Registrar spinning up the New SM unnecessarily, as it turns out the situation was not as it appeared, just a total failure of communication on all parts.

It really doesn’t matter. It would seem that you have described some major personality conflicts with a healthy dose of power tripping.

So here is my experience and understanding in the recharter (for whatever it may be worth). I have been told that once the unit is logged in the registrar can’t make changes anymore, the unit must do that.

There is no reason to “do an audit” of who is on the charter. People can be dropped with a simply uncheck of a box. People can be added easily as well though an application may be needed with the paperwork. Positions can easily be changed as well. So if the new SM was already registered with the unit that new SM could simply change who the SM was. Change other positions as needed. Then complete the process. Even if not - the new SM could have added themself and assigned as SM. Assigned the right people to various positions and completed the charter.

Now honestly - myself and my offspring would most likely also find another troop. It would appear that your SM/Crew Advisor/COR owns the unit and that just isn’t within what I can abide with. If your not leaving I would highly suggest calling your DE and at least ensure that the unit really is chartered. If you want to try and straighten this out - then I would suggest you talk with the “Institutional Head” since that person can replace anyone on the charter. And if that person isn’t ready to replace the COR I don’t think you will get farther than a headache.


The COR, but if the COR is the problem, the institutional head of the chartered organization.

And the registrar is absolutely right to reject any recharter that violates BSA rules (e.g. someone trying to register as SM and COR).

EDIT: There is also the possibility now that I think of it that the registrar may have nothing do to with it and ScoutNet/Internet Rechartering system itself may be rejecting the charter when it detects the conflict (SM and COR have the same BSA number).

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No kidding – especially if you have one person as the COR and SM, and their spouse as the CC.


The first is a conflict that Internet Rechartering should prevent. The second (spousal relationship) is not prohibited to the best of my knowledge, but the issue described would indicate this is a paper registration only and ought to be scrutinized.

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